Snippets of Pure Applicable Mathematics   or
Snippets of Purified Applied Mathematics (SPAM)

Maybe it's time now for a new discipline in mathematical thinking, which is kind of distinct from Pure Mathematics as welll as Applied Mathematics. I find that Pure Mathematics has become too abstract, too general and too void of applicability. But I also find that "real" Applied Mathematics has become too much of a hand waving argument. I'm affraid that Applied has simply thrown away the child with the bath-water. This leads me to the prediction that its success will be declining in the future.
The new discipline preferrably shall be called 'Pure Applicable Mathematics'. ('Purified Applied Mathematics' would also be an good calling sequence.) Snippets of Pure Applicable Mathematics (called SPAM ;-) are characterized by the following properties: Having said all this, let's stop talking. Just DoIt !

Subjects Investigated

  1. MultiGrid Calculus (1-D)
    Related: Fibonacci Iterations
    Extension: TripleGrid Calculus
  2. Elementary Substructures (2-D)
    With a lucid explanation by Gerard Westendorp
    together with sources & executable code
    and some extensions to 3-D
  3. Quadratic Splines
  4. Lie Groups (1-D & 2-D)
    with exe and source
  5. Graph Theory
  6. Cosine Powers
  7. Collatz Problem
  8. Fuzzy Frenet and Lissajous Analysis
  9. The Least Squares Finite Element Method
    and accompanying L.S.FEM software
  10. About the infamous Inside / Outside Problem
    and accompanying documentation / software
  11. Inverse Perfect Hashing & software
    Preliminary theory may be found with Google.
    Theory as well as practice have been upgraded.
  12. Chebyshev and stuff ( PDF )
    together with software & source
    Very much related subject: Cosine Powers
    Important fact is the one-to-one mapping between
    Polynomial Space and Cosine Space
  13. Is the Euler-Mascheroni constant rational or irrational ?
    Really don't know, but anyway, here comes
    some research with software & source