Chebyshev and stuff

Author: Han de Bruijn
Created: 2006 Dec
Revision: 2017 Mar

Chebyshev Polynomials have shown up in my homework as a by-product of Cosine Expansions and DoubleGrid - TripleGrid Calculus: Further musings on the subject have been motivated by a poster in the Usenet group 'sci.math.num-analysis': The technique to be employed preferrably for solving differential equations is known as Heaviside's Operational Calculus, also called Operator Calculus. This Operator Calculus is an absolute prerequisite for everything that follows here. The next webpage provides a lucid exposition of the methods involved:

Table of Contents

  1. Special Solutions
  2. Ladder Operators
  3. Whole Integer Solutions
  4. Half Integer Solutions
  5. Derivatives
  6. Generating Functions