Speaking about the rat-race  . . .  I feel de need to make a Sad Remark. It's a pity to find that there exist some fancy looking commercial products on the marketplace nowadays which are suspect, as far as their scientific content is concerned (In My not so Humble Opinion, of course).

And how about that professor in Eindhoven, who made the following comment, when I had confronted him with some of my Unsollicited Science, as embodied in these Scientific Pages of A Maverick (SPAM):

        Remember, mister de Bruijn, it is we who do the research here !

How comes that Science is organized so "well" these days, that it leaves no room, at all, for independent Truth Seekers ?
I wouldn't be surprised if any real talent outside the University circuitry is not even recognized anymore, let it be awarded. But the great Ramanujan was an amateur scientist. And the Balmer spectral series of the hydrogen atom was discovered by a humble teacher in mathematics !