Unified Numerical Analysis

Han de Bruijn:Contrib. post: [ I found this on the Web ]
Used to post to sci.math and cause a lot of heated discussions with his "A little bit of physics would be NO idleness in mathematics" threads. He apparently was told to stop posting by his employer, and began writing a 'Series of Unified Numerical Analysis' (SUNA) - I didn't read them, so they might not be loon articles, though. Unfortunately, I couldn't find his own ftp archive, which should be in the Netherlands, and his postings of suna are nowadays very rare.--. Remark: I was never told stop posting by my employer.

There's NO real substitute for hard work

The articles are completed with a bunch of program sources.
These have been ported to Delphi.
Remember, however: ! ! ! Anything free comes without guarantee ! ! !