Delphi Midi Executables

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No, I have not developed a Midi (Karaoke) Player myself. One reason being that it has no sense to reinvent the wheel in the first place.
There does exist a whole bunch of free & shareware players on the Word Wide Web. This is one of the best:

Click for a free download!
Get vanBasco's Karaoke Player NOW - totally FREE!

The player does not deal, though, with real polyphony (J.S. Bach for example) So the last word about Lyrics has not been spoken!

This page essentially replaces old Basic / Turbo Pascal equivalents. TP, though entirely obsolete now, has been much more efficient in both space and time.
But who cares about efficiency in these days of Gigaflops and Gigabytes, huh .. All of these 32 bits programs are still Console (No GUI) applications, anyway.
Sample compositions are found on my download page. Search string = "could have been done".
Here comes the new list of currently available Delphi executables, together with a concise description of their functionality and source code:


  1. Midi plain text format

    Comes with two main flavours:
    • Delta Time - Midi/Meta Event (DTN)
    • Cumulative Time, Notes as chords (CTN)
    Associated programs: DTN2MID / MID2DTN / CTN2MID / MID2CTN .
  2. Klavar ASCII Notation (KAN)

    Associated programs: KAN2NUL / NUL2KAN , where NUL is a MidiFile type 0 with only one track.

    A chord scheme is a file containing lines like this:
        2F 3C 3D 1A 1Bb 3C7 2F 3C 2F 3C 3D 1A 1Bb 3C7 2F
    The program converts such a chord scheme to Midi plain text format.

    If you bring in a piece of music note-by-note, then almost inevitably it will sound somewhat too artificial,
    due to the dreadful precision of contemporary computers. That's why we add some random timing.
  5. TAB2MID

    (No new version yet) How to convert Guitar TABs (such as found on the Web) to a MidiFile?
    I have worked out a more elaborate example, which is also a Readme.1st document.
    TAB2MID then produces the following results:
    1. for acoustic guitar types (GM patch $18 here)
    2. for electric guitar types (GM patch $1E here)

    Tries a conversion from Midi to LilyPond music score input. Quite in general, this is not going to succeed.
    There is a execute mode of the program (with 1 parameter) to check out if all time intervals can be interpreted,
    which is a condition sine qua non for further processing. Embedded lyrics are done with the current version.
    MidiPond is quite comparable with midi2ly by John Sankey; the two programs are trying to do the same thing.
  7. Lyrics / PolyText

    Only lyrics defined by the Meta Lyric event will be supported in future versions of the software (i.e. standard
    set by Tune 1000). Wish list: real polyphony. And a midi karaoke player that displays SATB texts properly.
    Part of that wish list has been implemented now in software. Please follow the above link for details.
OK, give these little executables a try and feel free to send an e-mail to the author
in case any of the beasties doesn't work properly.
But remember ...:   ! ! ! Anything free comes without guarantee ! ! !

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