Good Old Plots

The pictures in this page were coded originally in "GPGS-DIC" format, which is an acronym for "General Purpose Graphical System - Device Independent Code". GPGS-DIC was the "standard" graphical format here in Delft for many years. (The nice thing about graphical standards is that you have so many to choose from :-). I found a couple of these pictures worth saving. I converted them to PostScript and then via PNM to GIF.

This is the country where I live, the Netherlands (or "Holland"). Only the boundaries between land and water are plotted herein:

Here is a picture which was generated by GKS (the "Graphical Kernel System", another would-be graphical standard) using flat "segments". You can imagine it's kind of like the street where I live:

One of the issues in the old days was the clipping problem. Have you ever clipped lines inside a polygon? .............. Or outside?

Sometimes, our researchers at Delft University of Technology came up with real nice pictures. This is supposed to be a contour-plot of the theoretical electron-density distribution in a metal (uhm, I think so). The author - I forgot his name - was born in the People's Republic of China. Is it a coincidence that this plot looks a bit, well, as if it is in Chinese style?

Aah! She is my favorite girl! (It's not that I hate my role as a decent husband, but ...) "Doortje Stoot" was published in the "Hobby Computer Club Nieuwsbrief" (HCC Newsletter 63), "Jaargang 7, nummer 8", Aug/Sep 1984, pgs. 19-22 (by R.H. Koolstra). Her graceful coordinates were typed in patiently by my old collegue Lex Hensels.

And this is a real MasterPiece from the old days of Computer Graphics, called "Cocktail". Imagine the pen-and-paper (don't touch:) movements which are associated with such a giant plot!